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Let's talk about Dogma

February 19, 2023 Jennifer Lonnberg Season 1 Episode 1
Spiritual Living Podcast
Let's talk about Dogma
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I'm going to be vulnerable and share with you some personal things through out this podcast.  This work is my heart and soul.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am meant to do this work and so I am working behind the scenes to bring even more tools for you to step into divine flow, and alignment in your life, because I truly believe that this is how we change the world. 

For far too long we have been stuck in old dogma around life, money, work and even family. The life is hard narrative has to end... and it ends with each one of us deciding that it's time to live a more spiritually led life, utilizing the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and truly understanding them in a way that we can apply them in our daily life.

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Speaker 1:

Hey, everybody, it's Jen, and I'm so happy to be doing my first podcast,<laugh>. I'm not gonna lie, you guys, I'm a little bit nervous. I'm not sure how this is gonna go, but I just wanted to be vulnerable from the beginning and let you know, like I just wanna share a few things, right? So if you guys have followed me before, if I've met you before, you know that this is my heart and soul like I am. So, like, I want everybody, if I could shout to the world one thing, it's that you are worthy, you were loved. There's so much divine truth that we're, we're not really aware of, or we have been, but not to the full extent of what it is. And one thing is, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am meant to do this work. And so I've been working behind the scenes to bring you as much tools as I can to help you really learn to step into divine flow, um, step into alignment in your life. Um, and the reason is because I really believe this is how we change the world. And I know that seems like a grand claim, right? Like, and normally in the past, I would've held back from that, and I wouldn't have said like, we're, this is where we're gonna change the world, and I wanna be a part of that. And I would've been too nervous or too, like, who am I to say that, right? But I feel like the work I've done over the last, you know, seven years or so, really has shown me the power in the subtle frequencies, the power of the subtle shifts and the little tiny things that help shift us into divine alignment. The, the little things around our beliefs, um, and how literally that is the first place to start. Now, I will say a lot of times when I'm working with my clients, one of the things that they're mo most resistant around is the mindset work. But I'm telling you, without, this is again, without a shadow of a doubt, right? Like, that is where the power is, okay? Um, it's funny because in, in the coaching world, what I've seen over the last few years is people will buy coaching that says, um, you know, how, how to make money or how to get more clients, or how to, you know, whatever it is, X, y, z that you're trying to do, right? Um, how to lose weight, how to gain followers. Like, there's so many things that people will pay money for. And what's so funny is that if you have a good coach,<laugh>, they're, um, they're always gonna be working with you on mindset. Like most of the really powerful high profile like coaches and, um, entrepreneurs that you see, they've done the mindset work. So I wanna start out a little bit around that because I know that it's the powerful place to be. Now, the reason that this is so powerful is because for far too long, we've been stuck in old dogma. And when I say dogma, I literally only mean dogma for the word itself. I don't mean in a religious sense. So I wanna actually give you the definition because it's really important to, to wrap our head around this. Dogma is a belief or set of beliefs that is accepted without being questioned. Okay? Now, this again, you guys, when I'm talking about dma, I really want you to understand where I'm coming from with this. There's dogma around life, money, work, and even family, okay? And, and this is where the power is going to be coming in, of shifting beliefs and learning that there is so much more to life, um, and abundance than we've ever believed. Okay? Now, there's no judgment, right? No judgment in this, no judgment around the beliefs that you have, but we're stuck in old dogma, right? Around the way that we do our life. Now, again, no judgment, but this is the things that we've believed, um, about from our parents, from our grandparents, from our society, from our community, from our churches, right? And again, this isn't anything, I, I wanna take the judgment out of all of this because I just want you to be open and objective. When we start going into some of these, um, these ideas that are going to shake you loose from the old narrative of life is hard. Um, you know what I mean? Like all of these things that we've, we've learned, um, there's not enough money. Like there's so many negative things that we could go into, and it's things that we believe and it's, it's, we've literally adopted these beliefs without even realizing that's what we've done, because it's just the way it's always been. It's just the way it is. It's the way we were raised, yada, yada, yada, right? We can go on with that for so many different ways, but the thing is, these old paradigms end with each one of us when we personally decide that it's time, and particularly that it's time to live a more spiritually led life. Because when we can tap into the spirituality piece of being human, when we can learn to utilize the spiritual laws of the universe, and then really understand them in a way that we can apply them in our daily life, right? Because it's great to talk about all of these laws, right? The law of attraction, the, the law of compensation, the law of, um, reciprocity, the law of like anything, right? Like they're all real, just like the law of gravity. The problem is we don't understand them fully. And then even if we do kind of conceptually understand what they mean, how do we actually apply those principles, right? Because they're so abstract and so out there, like, how do we make it real? And so that's what I want to do throughout this podcast and throughout the teaching that I'm bringing through for you guys. Um, and of course, I would love to have any of you that are listening in any of my programs, because I really do feel like this is how we begin to change the world, is by always working within ourself first. And there's so much power, you guys, like, part of the, part of the vulnerability is, is being in a place where I'm, I'm telling you guys like, I know this from experience because when I started this whole journey for myself, literally my goal was to be able to have just enough money to be able to go to Starbucks without feeling guilty. Now, take it or leave it whether you like Starbucks, that really isn't the point, the point, the point, because some people they hear that and they're like, oh, don't go to Starbucks. They're a, you know, big corporation, blah, blah, blah. Well, you know what, that's, let's get past that because that's distracting from the actual point that I'm trying to make, which is that I wanted to go to a specialty coffee shop, be able to buy the specialty coffee for me, my family, my daughter at that, at that point, you know, she was still around in high school, in, in junior high, and, you know, there was always friends around. I wanted to be able to go and not worry if I dropped 50 bucks, right? Not think of if is that$50 going to impact my overall budget for the month? And I knew I had this inkling within myself that this was not what God had planned for us. This idea that there's never enough, this idea that life is hard, this idea that you're not worthy. Any of these like really hardcore dogmatic beliefs that I had, I really like had this gut knowing that this was not what God meant for us, right? So I had to decide at some point in my life, and for me, this started, I wanna say around 2012 ish. Um, and so I did a lot of my own work before I even did anything with Embodied Grace and launching that first book in 2015, right? So I did a lot of this work myself behind the scenes before I brought it to you. And that's one thing that I always like to do, is I, I do it for myself to see how it's gonna work and to see if it actually gives me results. And then I'm like, once I figured out that it flipp and worked, I was like, okay,<laugh>, I need everyone to know about this because it's, I used to laugh when I was speaking back in the day, and again, this is like 2015 ish, and, and we're coming on, um, the end of 2022 here. But so, you know, seven years ago or whatever it was, I remember thinking, this is like a really good sale at your favorite department store that you like, oh my God. You would call your mom, you would call your sister, you would call your best friend and be like, I just left Macy's or Kohl's or Nordstroms or wherever it was, and you would not believe the sale they had everybody need. Like, if you like this stuff, you need to go there today, but while it's still on sale, right? Like, it's that kind of excitement. And I know that's kind of a cheesy analogy, but that's kind of how it felt to me. Like I wanted all of my best friends to know, oh my God, life can be flipping amazing, and you can change your, like, actual reality based on changing your thoughts and your beliefs. But I wanna also say it's not easy, right? Like you, I went through the dark night of the soul soul, I went through some really deep healing. I went through all of the hard like lessons and understanding that it's really up to me to make these changes. Um, and then the whole idea of codependency and understanding that our relationships get tweaked because of our dogmatic beliefs. You guys, it all comes back to the beliefs. So if you're listening to this and you're like, wait a minute, I thought she was gonna teach me about the angels and how to be, um, connected to my guides, of course we're gonna get there. But before we do any of that, before you even believe what your angels are gonna tell you, if you don't work through these beliefs, then it's really not gonna do you any good. Like, that's something else I've seen over the years is there's so many people who are so powerful with, you know, giving readings or doing coaching or whatever, but if they don't do the work for themselves, they, their life doesn't change, their situation doesn't change, their money doesn't change, their relationships don't change because they haven't done the belief work that needs to be at the base of it. So the big thing is we're in this planet, and, and this is cheesy, right? This is what everybody says. We're spiritual beings having a human experience. Okay, great. Well then why are we here<laugh>, right? If we're spiritual beings, we, we, and, and evidently we decided to come in and have this human experience. It's not like we were thrown down here like with, against our free will. That's not how this works, right? This isn't how this works. We're a spiritual being who chose to have a human experience. And I feel like that in itself is a key component of learning to change your life, is that we, we're not a victim of this life. We're here to have this life. So when you understand that, and then you can understand that co-creation is happening all the time, then the next piece of that is understanding that you are the key. You're the key to the co-creation that you create on this planet as a spiritual being, having a human experience. So I wanna encourage you to sit with the ideas that came through in today's podcast, in today's episode, and I want you to journal it out. Like that's my favorite thing to do is, oh my gosh, what gave me an aha moment? What kind of triggered me? And now how do I sit with that, right? So, so look back through what triggered you when I was speaking, what gave you an aha moment when I was speaking, and I encourage you to just think about it or journal it out or whatever. It works, whatever way works for you, right? To process, um, what's coming through. So I'm really excited you guys about launching this podcast. I'm so happy that you're here with me in this and, um, sending you guys all lots of love. And I will talk to you soon. Be sure of course, to connect with me on email or social media, whatever your favorite place is, because I'm really excited to get to know more about you, to learn about what's going on in your world and your life, and just share. I I really am passionate about loving each other and loving people and having a community. Um,

Speaker 2:

That's why I embodied grace that com, the Facebook group is a community. And when I started that, oh my gosh, years ago, I don't even remember what year I started that Facebook group, but I called it the Embodied Grace community because I wanted it to be a community. There's so much power when we can come together and work through some of these things that life throws at us. So sending you guys lots of love, and I will talk to everybody on the next episode.