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3D into 5D

April 23, 2023 Jennifer Lonnberg Season 1 Episode 10
Spiritual Living Podcast
3D into 5D
Show Notes

In 3D the general theme is something like "life is hard, work hard to get ahead, I'm a slave to this human life/work/earth experience" Competition and maybe even a sense of "survival of the fittest"are also generally part of this experience.

When you adjust to 4D you begin to start looking for the deeper meaning in life.  Generally you open to more spiritual ideas, and you start to realize that the way you think about things has an impact on your reality. You begin to understand duality and likely begin to have more compassion about things that you may have judged in 3D. There's a lot of healing and growth in this phase.

5D state allows you to continue to deepen your personal healing, spiritual growth and understanding,  and drop judgments of "good and bad experiences" because you understand that ALL experiences are valueable for your soul growth. You know that pure authenticity is the most important thing and that LOVE is the way.

You feel connected in an almost indescribable way, because not only are you connected to the collective, and to the earth, but even the stars and galaxies.

You understand that there is no competition because the Universe is abundant. There is more than enough for everyone.

And generally you have a solid spiritual connection to your spirit guides and angels in 5D.

Unconditional Love is now Understood

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